Julienn R explains

Neurotech Vital Compact helped Julieann R to rehabilitate her pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.

“Prior to using Neurotech Vital Compact, I had been suffering from incontinence problems for about 12 months, due to childbirth. These problems were affecting my ability to exercise and run in comfort. My physiotherapist recommended Neurotech Vital Compact to help me to build up my pelvic floor muscles.

“I used Neurotech Vital Compact 5 times a week, and after a few weeks I felt a major improvement.”

Neurotech Vital Compact was very user-friendly, and I found the device powerful and effective; I could certainly feel the contractions in my pelvic floor. I used Neurotech Vital Compact 5 times a week, and after a few weeks I felt a major improvement. I believe it was an exceptional aid in my rehabilitation and I am delighted with my progress. I am now running with confidence, and I would recommend Neurotech Vital Compact to anyone who is suffering with incontinence problems.”

Martin M explains

After radical prostatectomy, Martin M used Neurotech Vital Compact to treat his incontinence symptoms.

I had a radical prostatectomy in late 2012, and as part of my recovery, my physiotherapist recommended that I use Neurotech Vital to treat the incontinence symptoms that I was experiencing. I had virtually no continence control when I first got the Vital device - when I woke up I could not make it to the toilet without leaking, and my continence problems were having a negative effect on my quality of life and affecting my ability to work. I used the Vital device five times a week for 30 minutes at a time, and I could really feel the stimulation in my pelvic floor, I felt that I was getting a stronger contraction from Vital than I would if I was doing my own pelvic floor exercises. Having used Vital for a few weeks, I noticed that my pelvic floor muscles were stronger, and that I could reach the toilet in the morning without leaking. I was able to return to work with more confidence that I wouldn’t leak, and generally my continence symptoms were significantly improved. I was very happy with my progress with the Vital treatment and I would recommend it to anyone experiencing problems with incontinence.

Anne B explains

Anne B lived with mixed incontinence for ten years until she discovered Neurotech Vital Compact.

“Neurotech Vital Compact is the best thing to happen for me. It has changed my life for the better. I no longer feel unclean and am in better control of my bladder. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who is in the same predicament. I am only sorry I did not know about it ten years ago!”

Sinead M explains

Sinead M was referred to use Neurotech Vital Compact by her physiotherapist.

“After giving birth, I suffered a prolapsed uterus, and I could not perform pelvic floor exercises correctly as I was so weak on one side. My physiotherapist advised me to rent Neurotech Vital Compact to assist with my rehabilitation. I found Neurotech Vital Compact easy to use, effective and comfortable, and could really feel it working my pelvic floor muscles. I used the device 5 times a week, for 30 minutes at a time, and after a few weeks I felt a massive improvement.

“I can now walk and run without discomfort.”

My physiotherapist was also very happy with my progress, when she did a manual assessment it confirmed that there was a great improvement. Now that I can perform pelvic floor exercises in comfort, she recommended that I use Neurotech Vital Compact once a year to maintain strength. Neurotech Vital Compact definitely exceeded my expectations and was a significant aid in my rehabilitation - I can now walk and run without discomfort. It’s an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.”

»Neurotech Vital is easy to use, comfortable to wear and does work if used consistently.«
— Leona C
»It gave me more freedom and less anxiety. I have started to go for walks again and when away from home I am not in a panic to be near a toilet.«
— M Fahy
»The Neurotech Vital unit was easy to use and very impressive in how it targets the muscles and improves incontinence. Positioning of the electrode pads is key to the results.«
— Clodagh M
»After having my baby I felt I would never be able to do the things I had before but Vital gave me back that confidence and I feel like myself again.«
— Emer C
»I was very happy with Neurotech Vital, it improved my condition alot, also my sleep disturbance and well being.«
— J O Connell
»Definitely helped – will be interested to see longer term benefits – great alternative to surgery.«
— Tara D


Vital Compact offers strong, effective muscle rehabilitation of your pelvic floor muscles. It works by activating and exercising these muscles using stimulated contraction and relaxation cycles. These cycles help to repair, maintain and build pelvic floor muscle strength.